Hazardous Area IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) represents the integration of advanced digital technology in potentially explosive or hazardous industrial environments, where safety is of utmost concern.

IIOT solutions in hazardous areas enable the collection and analysis of real-time data from equipment, sensors, and processes, providing valuable insights for optimizing operations and enhancing safety.

  • These systems are designed to meet stringent regulatory standards, ensuring that all components and devices used in such areas are explosion-proof and intrinsically safe.
  • Hazardous Area IIOT plays a pivotal role in predictive maintenance, enabling businesses to identify and address potential issues before they lead to costly equipment failures.
  • By enabling data-driven decision-making and remote monitoring, Hazardous Area IIOT enhances efficiency and safety in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and mining, while also reducing operational risks.

Additional information

Area Clasification

Gas: Zone 1 & 2
Dust: Zone 21 & 22

Application Examples

R O Plant
Gas monitoring


Bus Technology
Remote I/O
Interface module
Industry Tablet / PC
Zone 1 certified Tablet
Touch & Mobile Computers
Smart Phones
Zone 1 certified smart phones