Site Installation

We have an experianced team including Engineers and Technicians for site installations and commissioning services.

At a construction site, stringent electrical prerequisites are obligatory to facilitate the operation of advanced and heavy-duty machinery and tools. The electrician assumes a pivotal responsibility in upholding the safety of all personnel, including those engaged in temporary installations. The consumer unit, wiring, and electrical accessories are subject to exhaustive scrutiny and testing procedures to ascertain conformity with Wiring Standards, with any anomalies or deviations duly identified.

In accordance with construction site regulations, it is imperative to adhere to specific electrical prerequisites. A robust electrical infrastructure is indispensable to facilitate the operation of advanced, heavy-duty machinery and tools requisite for construction activities. The designated electrician must diligently prioritize the safety of all individuals, even within a temporary setup. To ensure compliance with Wiring Standards, a comprehensive examination and testing process is executed on the consumer unit, wiring, and electrical components. The following assessments will be conducted throughout this evaluation:

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Insulation Resistance Test
  3. Earth Leakage Test
  4. Tightness Check
  5. Earth Resistance Test
  6. Thermal Imaging of Electrical Panel