Cables & Wires

We pride ourselves on offering service oriented and client/project focused solutions for electrical cables and associated electrical products primarily for applications in the Oil and Gas industry worldwide…

We can provide immediate stock and fast track manufactured solutions for standard cable specifications for offshore and onshore applications.
All cables can be supplied in both Armoured/Braided or Unarmoured/Unbraided versions along with Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant characteristics in accordance with IEC-60332 and IEC-60331.
For underground solutions we can provide, Polyamide, Aluminium or Lead sheaths for additional chemical and rodent/termite protection as required.

Additional information

Offshore Compliant Specifications

BS6883, BS7917, NEK606, IEEE1580, IEC-60062

Onshore compliant Specifications

BS5467, BS6724, BS6622, IEC-60502, VDE, CENELEC

Cable Product range

LV Power & Control Cables – 600/1000V
MV Power Cables – 1kV to 66kV
Instrument Cables – 150/250v – 300/500V
Data Cables – RG, Coax, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Belden and Equivalent Cables
Fibre Optic Cables – Single Mode, Multimode