Ex-Proof Switchrack

Ex d switchracks are critical components in industrial settings where electrical equipment needs to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres.

These switchracks are designed and certified to meet international standards for explosion protection, such as ATEX and IECEx, ensuring that they prevent any internal faults from causing explosions in hazardous areas.

Ex d switchracks often feature robust enclosures made of explosion-proof materials, ensuring that they contain any potential sparks or flames that could lead to ignition.

These switchracks are commonly used in industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and mining, where the presence of flammable gases or dust requires specialized safety measures.

The use of Ex d switchracks is crucial for protecting both personnel and equipment, as they provide a reliable and secure solution for electrical switching and control in explosive environments.

Additional information

Product Certifications


Area Clasification

Gas: Zone 1 & 2
Dust: Zone 21 & 22
Gas group IIA,IIB, IIC

Standards / Norms

IEC / EN 60079-0
IEC / EN 60079-1
IEC / EN 60079-14
IEC / EN 60079-31

Applicable Industry / Area

Oil & Gas
Heat tracing

Application Examples

Lighting DB