HVAC Control System

Safearea Panel – DDC Based HVAC Control System

We have successfully completed the design, integration, and delivery of a DDC-based HVAC control system tailored for safe areas. This control panel is specifically engineered to manage Exhaust Fans and the Air Handling Unit (AHU), including its condensing unit, air cooling coils, shut-off dampers, and other components. The control parameters for this HVAC system focus on temperature and humidity regulation, with a dedicated HMI providing real-time status indications and feedback for each component involved.

Key features of the panel include:

  • AHU Auto/Manual selection, allowing control of the AHU in either auto or manual mode.
  • In manual operation mode, the AHU controls enable manual switching on/off using AHU manual override commands; otherwise, it operates normally in auto sequence.
  • Duty selection mode in auto facilitates automatic AHU changeover based on the run hours setpoint; otherwise, it remains unchanged in auto sequence.
  • Exhaust Fan Auto/Manual selection for controlling exhaust fans in auto or manual mode.
  • In manual operation mode, the Exhaust Fan controls permit manual switching on/off through manual override commands; otherwise, it runs normally in auto sequence.
  • Individual manual control of AHUs and exhaust fans is possible in Auto/Manual selection mode only.

This HVAC automation panel control system provides versatile and user-friendly operation to ensure optimal environmental conditions within the designated safe areas.