Exproof Purge panel

Purge & Pressurization Panel

Orostar, a distinguished manufacturer, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully conceiving, producing, and delivering an ATEX and IECEX certified Purged Ex Panel for a prominent client based in the UAE. This cutting-edge panel serves as a robust Power Distribution system, featuring a 1250A Incomer breaker and facilitating the distribution of power to various industrial loads at the end-user location.

To ensure the product’s compliance with safety standards, Orostar employed the Purge & Pressurization technique, adhering to standard IEC / EN 60079-2. The certification encompasses the requirements specified in standards IEC / EN 60079-0, IEC / EN 60079-1, IEC / EN 60079-2, and IEC / EN 60079-7, demonstrating Orostar’s commitment to meeting rigorous industry benchmarks. The chosen pressurization technique, namely “Leakage Compensation,” adds an extra layer of reliability to the panel’s design.

Constructed with a Stainless Steel enclosure specifically tailored for the Purged panel, this product carries the Ex db eb pzc IIC T4 Gc certification, indicating its suitability for installation in Zone 2 Hazardous areas with operating temperatures ranging from 0ºC to +55ºC.

Orostar’s accomplished team has not only fulfilled but surpassed expectations in the design and development of this hazardous area certified Purge panel. The ATEX and IECEX certifications underscore the panel’s adherence to stringent safety and quality standards, making it a reliable and secure solution for power distribution in Zone 2 Hazardous environments.