MCC Panel Controlled By PLC SCADA

We have accomplished the successful design, manufacturing, and delivery of a 3200A Motor Control Center (MCC Panel) for our esteemed client, a leading provider of packaging solutions across diverse industries such as oil and gas, utility, petrochemical, power, renewables, and defense in the UAE.

This SCADA-based PLC-controlled Motor Control Center, a testament to the expertise of our automation team, has not only met the client’s expectations but has also led to multiple subsequent orders for various projects.

The heart of the system lies in the redundant S7-1500 PLC CPU, seamlessly integrated with countable IOs, ensuring reliability. The SCADA communication is facilitated by redundant communication modules, further enhancing the system’s robustness. To guarantee uninterrupted operation, the PLC is powered by redundant power supply units (PSUs) and features an integrated industrial UPS to withstand power failures at the site locations.

The MCC panel encompasses a diverse array of starters, including VFDs, Soft Starters, Star-Delta Starters (SD Starter), and DOL Starters (Direct Online Starters). Constructed entirely from painted sheet steel, the enclosure boasts robust construction, capable of withstanding mechanical impacts. Moreover, its IP rating is tailored to meet the specific site requirements, ensuring durability in challenging operational environments.