Fuel Transfer Control

Safearea Panel – Fuel Transfer Control System

We have successfully finalized the design, integration, and delivery of a Fuel Transfer automation panel for a well-established Mobile Petrol Station Company’s Fuel storage yard, specifically designated for safe areas. The PLC-based control panel is engineered to address potential disruptions in the fuel line arising from the abrupt closure of valves. We implemented precise control logic to mitigate the jerking effect on the pump caused by sudden flow cutoffs.

Key features of the panel include:

  • PLC-based controls for 2 Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).
  • Control and feedback management for multiple Motor Operated Valves (MOV).
  • Tank level feedback status obtained through PD meter 4-20mA.
  • Logical pump operation based on tank level.
  • Monitoring of line pressure.
  • High-level trip functionality for pumps.
  • Incoming supply of 415V AC, 3 phase 4 wire.
  • Simultaneous filling of one tank by a single pump while the other pump concurrently fills another tank.

These automation panel features ensure efficient and smooth operations while maintaining the integrity of the fuel transfer process fully automated in the Mobile Petrol Station Company’s Fuel storage yard.