Gas Analyzer Skid

Gas Analyzer skid for Nitrogen Purging

We have achieved a milestone by conceptualizing, fabricating, and delivering a Nitrogen Purging Skid for our esteemed client, located in Qatar. Nitrogen, renowned for its inert gas properties, plays a pivotal role in cleansing hazardous mixture containers/tanks before any maintenance work commences. However, ensuring the Nitrogen gas used for tank purging maintains optimal levels of oxygen and mitigates H2S becomes a critical safety concern.

While analyzing oxygen levels in the common atmosphere is straightforward, monitoring oxygen percentages within a specific volume of nitrogen flowing through dedicated pipes poses a unique challenge. To address this challenge, we developed the Nitrogen Gas Analyzer Skid, incorporating sufficient bypass systems. This innovative solution, crafted entirely in-house, has been successfully implemented in multiple projects, ensuring the safety and efficiency of nitrogen purging processes.