Ex certified AIC & MSU

Multi Sensing Unit (MSU) and Air Inlet Control Unit (AIC)

We have successfully engineered, integrated, and delivered the Multi Sensing Unit (MSU) and Air Inlet Control Unit (AIC), which play a crucial role in managing maintenance activities, ensuring a clean air supply to habitats, and controlling machinery supplies. This innovative solution is now employed globally by Oil field products and services equipment rental contracting companies.

Within the system, an Air Handling Unit or blower is positioned on the incoming side of the AIC unit. The AIC unit, in turn, assesses the air for hazardous gases as it flows from the blower to the habitat. In the event of detecting any hazardous gas, the AIC unit signals the MSU to trip the incoming breaker, initiating a power shutdown. The MSU serves as a failsafe mechanism, cutting power to the equipment in case of hazardous gas presence.

Beyond this primary function, the MSU is equipped to sense the levels of oxygen and CO2. It also stands ready to respond to emergency shutdown commands, allowing it to shut down the power to the equipment proactively and prevent potential hazards on-site.

As an additional layer of protection, an Exproof certified Pressure Switch monitors positive pressure within the habitat. If there is a drop in pressure, the MSU activates safety protocols, providing an added level of security.

Our engineering team has excelled in the design and completion of these units, and we take pride in announcing that these products are now utilized worldwide, contributing to the safety and efficiency of various sites across the globe.